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Foundation Crack Injection

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Along any structure's foundation, it's common to ultimately locate cracks. Cracks may be observable from the inside or outside of the home, on foundation walls or floors. Whichever way, they can be shocking indications to property owners that something is incorrect.

The categories of waterproofing materials used in crack repairs vary in accordance with where the crack is, along with the type of foundation. With the help of DryShield, there can be several techniques of fixing cracked foundations.

For Interior Cracks:

If cracks are positioned in flooded concrete foundations, they can mostly be repaired from the inside of house without the requirement for interior or outside digging. Inside crack repair by means of a high-pressure crack injection system is very productive as an alternative when working with solid / flooded concrete foundations.

For Exterior Cracks:

If the cracks are only evident from the outside, it may be feasible to do repairs by excavating to the bottom of the foundation wall, thus uncovering the whole length of the crack. Furthermore, a high-pressure urethane repair can be utilized provided that the foundation is constructed from solid, poured concrete or membrane repair can be executed.

There are various techniques to repair cracks; some stay around months, some stay around a few years, in many instances the water finds its path through. We do not just set the seal on the crack. We everlastingly repair the crack with a high-pressure polyurethane resin that entirely fills the crack and remains adjustable when rectified.

When digging your foundation to finish waterproofing becomes essential, you will want to hire a company with a confirmed track record of professional waterproofing services, structural and foundation crack repairs; strictly speaking, you will want to call DryShield.

Before we can everlastingly remove water leakage through your foundation we will need to know exactly what kind of foundation stabilization or foundation footings are needed to finalize the repair Request a Quote

Reasons to Repair Your Wet Basement

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